A teacher has called on people to urge MPs to lobby for more education funding rather than donating to pay for them to have free meals.

Posting anonymously on Facebook page 'Spotted: Didcot', they wrote: "As a teacher, I am grateful that some of you are considering donating money to various sources to thank us for the work we are doing - you are incredibly generous so thank you.

"I won't be taking up any of these offers because I have retained my salary and can afford to pay for a takeaway should I want one or a meal out when restaurants reopen."

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They said, instead, if people wanted to do something for teachers and education: "Please consider writing to your local MP and encourage them to prioritise education funding which has been decimated for years now.

"Schools currently receive between £100 and £125 a week to educate your child which, when you consider the costs of educating children, is not a great deal.

"When you consider that private schools, on average, charge £447 a week for the same provision, this will give you an idea of how underfunded schools are."

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They said schools were 'struggling' to continue educating children because of 'chronic under-funding', and added: "It is not because teacher's salaries are high - the average teachers earns about the national average salary.

"So please, consider championing the cause of funding for your child to get a proper education."