THE theft of an epileptic man’s bike has left his family struggling to do their essential shopping.

Tom Holloway, from Abingdon, was diagnosed with epilepsy last year and relies on the bike for shopping trips.

His son had been using the bike to get groceries for the family but it was stolen on Sunday at around 2.30pm outside the town's council offices.

Mr Holloway’s partner Kim Hayden, said: “We now have no way to get to the shop to get essential shopping.

"The lock was taken too."

"My step son has been getting our shopping for us and he is absolutely devastated.

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“We’re having to ask friends to get stuff for us, which means, worryingly, we have to have contact with more people than we should.”

The family said they reported the theft to the police but were told that unless there was CCTV with a recognisable face or witnesses, they would not be able to investigate."