VILLAGERS have rejected new parking controls, claiming they have been left in the dark in the decision-making process – despite calls that they have misunderstood the changes.

Householders in Cholsey Meadows – a housing development of 350 properties in the village, near Wallingford – have long complained of a lack of parking spaces. And now, with a solution being proposed, they have complained of being left out of discussions.

Cholsey Meadows Management Company (CMMC) runs the development on behalf of the residents.

First Port is the property management company hired by CMMC and would be responsible for implementing new parking controls on Rotherfield Road.

The minutes from a CMMC meeting suggest that they will be enforcing a new parking policy on Rotherfield Road to prevent householders from parking outside their allocated parking spaces.

The changes mean that anyone parking outside their space could be fined.

Residents say the decision was made without them being consulted.

Minutes of the meeting on January 16, state: “Parking at Rotherfield Road: a proposal dealing with this situation has been agreed by directors. Formal correspondence will be sent by First Port to all residents confirming what/when any implementations will take place.”

Niall Hammond, 54 lives on Villa Close in the Cholsey Meadows development. He said residents wanted to be involved in the decision making process, and slammed the proposed parking control policy as "barmy".

He said: “I am not against the management company doing something about the parking situation because it is dire at times and I live on a street where you wouldn’t be able to get a fire engine down the road.

“I want something done about it. I just do not want barmy schemes which will see hundreds of people parking on the Reading Road or people getting thousands of pounds worth of fines.

"I want them to talk with the residents, consult with the residents and take onboard what the residents think.”

However, First Port suggested that the original minutes had been misinterpreted by the residents.

A Spokesperson from First Port said: “No decision has been taken about the introduction of parking controls at Cholsey Meadows.

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"Minutes from a meeting where potential options were discussed have been misinterpreted.

“There are a range of options being explored to address residents’ parking concerns and all residents will be fully consulted on these options before a final decision is made.”