A SUPER rare automobile built at an Oxfordshire factory is being auctioned.

The vintage car that is only one of five ‘Special Edition Classic’ (SEC) MGB – a two-door sports vehicle – was made by Abingdon Classic Car Company in 1980.

The online sale lead by classic car auctioneer The Market kicked-off today and will end next Thursday.

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Auctioneer director Tristan Judge said: "The level of finish and quality of this car is nothing like any other MGB.

"This is more like an Aston Martin."

Mr Judge added that SEC vehicles hold a 'special place' in MGB history but that few people are aware of them.

He said: "With such small numbers made even less remain, which means one thing: rarity.

"This is a case of try to find another one, it is simply impossible, this is it."

The Market revealed the guide price starts at £28,000 to £40,000.