CLIMATE campaigners from Extinction Rebellion will be taking over the streets of Abingdon today to highlight the need for Oxfordshire County Council to improve the town’s cycling and walking infrastructure.

Members from XR Oxfordshire will be cycling at the town centre at midday and passersby are encouraged to join them.

The public demonstration follows the £250 million​ funding boost the government announced for emergency improvements to roads and 'to create a new era for cycling and walking'.

These could include wider pavements and pop-up bike lanes to help more people to walk and cycle while maintaining social distancing.

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The local branch of the international group said: " It is important that the county council use their allocation of the funding as soon as possible, in order to encourage residents to walk and cycle, rather than return to travelling by car.

"Many people have enjoyed the quieter, safer streets and the cleaner air that have come with the lockdown.

"We want this to continue as part of Abingdon's transition to a better, sustainable future."