Thousands of snacks were delivered to the nurses at the Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe by the Wantage Coronavirus Support Group.

Ray Collins, organiser of the Ray Collins Charitable Trust and the Wantage Coronavirus Support Group usually helps the elderly and vulnerable people living in isolation.

But yesterday he teamed up with his volunteers to give snacks to the hardworking nurses and support staff.

Mr Collins and his team of volunteers were joined by Anna Richards who runs Maymessy cookery school and the volunteers collected two van loads of treats from Sainsbury's.

The two vans were loaded with 800 packets of biscuits, 600 packets of crisps, 400 packets of cake slices, 420 packets of sweets, 450 juice cartons and 300 hand creams.

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Mr Collins and the team were met by the nursing staff and together they unloaded the four large cages full of goodies.

The staff at the hospital were shocked at the number of snacks delivered.

The volunteers said there were a few squeals of delight at seeing so many cakes and sweets.

One nurse said that the 300 tubes of hand cream were a blessing.

Mr Collins said: “We achieved all of this for £2,300 and every single penny has made a real difference and will put lots of smiles on lots of faces of the most dedicated people working so hard and giving so much for all their patients.”