A YOUNG swan was hit with an air gun in Abingdon.

Wildlife rescue group Swan Support, tweeted pictures on Sunday of the injured cygnet, which was hit in the beak, 'in area around Abingdon Marina.

It added: "Sadly the shooting of wildlife is becoming a regular occurrence."

People are urged to call Thames Valley Police quoting reference 43200169288 with any information.

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The appeal was also shared by Martin Himpson. Posting on Facebook group Abingdon on Thames, he said: "Mindless attack on a young swan cygnet with a confirmed air rifle wound. Someone is going about shooting at protected birds with an air rifle in the marina area anyone with any information regarding this matter are urged to contact the police anonymously through crime stoppers please call 0800555111.”

He added he would 'gladly' donate towards a reward for any information given that leads to the prosecution of the person responsible, adding anyone wishing to add to the reward should contact the group admin.