POLICE have sent a clear warning to drivers thinking about getting behind the wheel high: 'we will catch you'.

In the last five days, Thames Valley Police roads team have caught five drivers on Oxfordshire's roads under the influence of drugs. 

Officers have used a drug wipe test - capable of detecting cannabis and cocaine in a suspect's saliva at the roadside.

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Warning motorists on Twitter, using the hashtag 'It's not worth the risk', the force said: "We've got lots more tests and plenty of room in the custody block.

"Don't drive impaired - We will catch you."

Last year a major new road safety campaign was launched in Oxfordshire after shocking statistics showed that 90 per cent of the crashes were because of the ‘fatal four’ factors.

Not wearing a seatbelt, distraction and speeding were the other three and alongside drink and drug driving have been linked to between 20 and 30 deaths on the county's roads every year for the past 10 years.