A MAN has appealed for help to find his brother's missing mobility scooter.

Just prior to the lockdown, Len Cross went shopping in Witney with his brother Maurice who, following a stroke, is unable to walk, therefore requires the use of a mobility scooter.

Due to lockdown and staying indoors, it has taken until now for the duo to realise the scooter is missing.

Mr Cross of Wootton, near Abingdon, said: “We took the scooter from the boot and visited the shops.

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“Once we finished shopping, we went back to the car and the scooter was left at the rear of the car for me to put in the boot.

“Due to a senior moment, I got into the car and drove off leaving the scooter standing in the road at Church Green in Witney.

“Arriving home, Maurice was taken from the car to the house with his wheelchair, so we did not need the scooter.

“With the country then in lockdown, we all stayed indoors and the scooter was not required.

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“Days turned into weeks and the car stood unused until one day I wanted some tools from the boot and found the scooter missing.

“At first we thought it had been stolen but the car had been locked all the time.

“We all put on our thinking caps and decided we hadn’t seen the scooter since shopping at Witney nearly 100 days ago.

“Despite many enquiries over the past week, no trace has been found.”

If you have any information to help Mr Cross, please contact liam.rice@newsquest.co.uk and we will pass on the information.