A CHARITY is looking for people in Oxfordshire to ‘socialise’ puppies that will go on to help people’s lives.

Dogs for Good provides assistance dogs to people with physical disabilities and families with a child with autism.

The charity is seeking volunteers to socialise puppies from the age of eight weeks for about 12 to 18 months.

The role involves taking the puppy to everyday situations such as visiting supermarkets and travelling on buses and trains, and is suitable for those who have lots of time to spend with the puppy.

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Abbey Chung, who lives in Banbury, became a puppy co-ordinator in 2014, and is responsible for approximately 30 puppies and their socialisers in Oxfordshire and the surrounding area.

She said: “Puppy socialisers get a real sense of pride when they see the dog they’ve had from eight weeks going out and giving somebody independence.

“During the first year of a puppy’s life they have all the fun and get the chance to meet lots of new people.

“Our socialisers love feeling like they are part of the bigger family at Dogs for Good and knowing they are doing something worthwhile.”

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Potential puppy socialisers are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a fully-fenced, safe and secure garden
  • Be away from the puppy for no more than two hours per day in the first few weeks, and four hours for the remaining time you have the puppy
  • Have no more than two dogs
  • Able to provide the puppy with regular contact with children, other dogs and cats

For more information, please visit: dogsforgood.org/get-involved/volunteer/puppy-socialiser/