OUTBREAK control should be contacted if more than two people in a reopened Oxfordshire workplace have Covid-19, according to the county's top public health official.

Businesses around the county have received a letter from Oxfordshire's director of public health, Ansaf Azhar, which gives them advice on how to operate safely as the pandemic continues.

The letter, dated June 2020, reminds business owners and managers that staff need to maintain a distance from customers, and wear PPE where necessary.

It also says that workers should keep washing their hands regularly.

If anyone in a workplace is displaying coronavirus symptoms, Mr Azhar's letter said they should order a test.

It added employers should encourage their staff to self-isolate if they are found to have coronavirus.

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And in the event that more that two cases of Covid-19 are confirmed in a workplace, the letter said: "If multiple cases of coronavirus appear in your workplace (two or more cases would be considered an outbreak), you should contact the local health protection team to report this and if necessary, an outbreak control team from either the local authority or Public Health England (PHE) will be assigned to help you with advice & support based on your specific circumstances."

Shops in Oxfordshire began to reopen on June 15, in line with government advice.

In Oxford, the Mini Plant yesterday confirmed nine cases of Covid-19 had been discovered among its workers.

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Some workplaces in other parts of the country have become hotspots for local coronavirus outbreaks.