HOLLYWOOD director Tim Burton got himself involved in a squabble over a fence in an Oxfordshire village.

For generations residents of Sutton Courtenay have enjoyed unrestricted access to the river Thames via the islands that join the weirs.

However, a long fence erected in a property owned by Mr Burton is now restricting the popular pools.

The film director moved into the two-million 18th-century Mill House, off Appleford Road, with his partner at the time actress Helena Bonham Carter in 2008.

While it is unclear whether Mr Burton still lives in the property, villagers 'furious' with the 'unlawful' instalment have engaged the attention of parish and district councillors.

One resident of Sutton Courtenay made a formal complaint with the Vale of White Horse District Council earlier this week.

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The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that neighbours are now organising themselves to fight this both for the visual impact of the fence and the removal of rights for access.

A spokesperson for the district council revealed that the site has not been visited yet but that an investigation into the ‘allegation of an unauthorised erection of a fence over two metres’ has been opened.

They added: “We have yet to visit the site to make any assessment.

“Residents have raised concerns about the obstruction of a footpath. s is a matter for Oxfordshire County Council Countryside team.”

The wooden fence was installed only about two weeks ago but district and county councillor representing Sutton Courtenay Richard Webber revealed that there is already an ‘ongoing negotiation’ with the Hollywood director, which he described as ‘very delicate’.

Mr Webber confirmed the property owner is Mr Burton and added: “We are pushing on behalf of the local community to remove the fence but the legalities are tricky.”

A spokesperson for Sutton Courtenay Parish Council confirmed that councillors discussed this at their meeting on Tuesday and that they are in contact with the owner.

Mr Burton was not available for comment.