A FINANCIAL advisor made an unusual career move to become an acupuncturist in a plan to reduce his own stress levels.

Des Le Roy has run an insolvency advice firm called Elliot Johnson at Howbery Business Park in Wallingford for several years and now he has launched a new acupuncture business in the same park at Lifestyles Gym.

On Saturday July 4, Mr Le Roy welcomed his first patients in a treatment room at Lifestyles Rehab, Gym and Performance Centre.

Planning to run the insolvency advice firm at the same time as his new acupuncture business, he hopes he will be able to reduce his own stress levels, along with those of his clients before handing the insolvency advice firm to his son.

Mr Le Roy said: “My current area of work is very stressful – advising clients who can no longer pay their creditors – so when I first started the degree in acupuncture four years ago, I wondered if it could possibly be an alternative career.”

He added: “I had become fascinated with acupuncture while receiving it myself. My interest grew during the course at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, and now I am certain I wish to pursue it as a career.”

Acupuncture is part of an ancient system of medicine based on a belief that energy flows smoothly throughout the body and if the smooth flow of energy is disturbed then it may result in illness.

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It is also based on the belief that injury, illness, lifestyles, and emotional stress can all cause disturbances to your energy system.

On his acupuncture website Mr Le Roy writes: “Traditional Chinese Medicine supports the whole person mind, body and spirit in an integrated holistic approach to health.”

Acupuncture is believed to be able to help anxiety, arthritis, asthma, colds and flu, female infertility, Stress and even substance misuse.

However, it is supposed to be used alongside medical treatment.

Mr Le Roy graduated from the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine where he studied the Bsc degree course.

Now he is licensed by and a member of The British Acupuncture Council, bound by their codes of professional and safe practice.

The newly trained acupuncturist has been welcoming customers for treatment which follows the Covid-19 guidelines.

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Mr Le Roy added: “Acupuncture businesses have been closed during lockdown but re-opened on July 4. The west is gradually becoming more interested in acupuncture as a way of treating mental and physical wellbeing and as a means of support to conventional medical treatment, so I hope there will be no shortage of clients.”

Mr Le Roy is also expecting Elliot Johnson, his insolvency advice firm, to be busy once the government sets out a roadmap for businesses to exit lockdown.

During the pandemic employees of the firm have been on furlough as Mr Le Roy believed it was ‘difficult to give meaningful advice in uncertain times’.

Elliott Johnson has grown from one employee to six since Mr Le Roy set it up in 2011. He initially had an office in Howbery’s Innovation Centre and moved into the larger Stables block in December 2018.

Donna Bowles, estates manager at Howbery Business Park, said: “We are so pleased that Des is choosing to run his new practice from here, collaborating with Lifestyles Gym. It is always a joy to hear that our community is working together. We are also delighted to hear Des’s son will be taking the helm at Elliot Johnson.”

To find out more about Des Le Roy Acupuncture visit: www.desleroyacupuncture.co.uk/