The issue of residents in Great Western Park in Didcot suffering noise and vandalism apparently caused by travellers has been raised in Parliament.

Mr Johnston said: “We had unauthorised traveller encampments descend and local residents were subjected to noise, mess, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour for close to a week.”

The MP then asked if the Government is going to actively tackle this problem.

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MP Jacob Rees-Mogg replied and said: “Although the majority of travellers obey the law, we recognise that unauthorised encampments can cause significant distress to local residents with anti-social and criminal behaviour. The Government consulted on measures to enable the police to tackle unauthorised encampments more effectively and will publish a response to the consultation in due course.”

He then quoted a point made by the previous housing minister when the consultation was launched.

He said: “We must promote tolerant society in which legal sites are available for travellers, but equally the rule of law must be applied to all.”