A New bus gate has been approved to stop cars and encourage cycling, walking, and riding the bus in Didcot.

A bus gate will be placed where Larch Drive meets Diamond Drive in Didcot with the hope of removing the potential for ‘rat-running’ traffic.

Only buses, taxis and emergency services are allowed to drive at peak times in areas with a bus gate.

All other vehicles get fined for entering if caught by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Yvonne Constance, cabinet member for transport and the environment said: “I have no difficulty in approving the proposed gate at the point where Larch Drive meets Diamond Drive in Didcot, noting that Taylor Wimpey, the developer, will provide advanced signage to ensure that the bus gate to be introduced will be known by motorists in that neighbourhood.”

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The approval of a new bus gate in Didcot comes after plans for two new bus gates in Oxford city centre.

The plans for a bus gate were included in the planning consent for the Great Western park residential development to prevent traffic on Wantage road and Park Road.

A Formal consultation on the bus gate proposal was carried out between May 20 and June 19, 2020. Only two out of 17 responses to the consultation were against the bus gate in Didcot.

Residents’ concerns included privacy and one suggested the buses should only be single deck and a 20mph speed limit should be introduced on Larch Drive.

Another member of the public was worried about the obstruction of parked cars and requested consideration of waiting restrictions to address this.

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However, many residents are in support of the bus gate. One resident wrote in the feedback: “We Fully support the proposed plan and were aware of this when we purchased the property. As any changes to the plan may affect access to our property, we would not be happy.”

Another said it would be ‘easier to get around Didcot by bike with this’.

Anthony Hudson, Didcot Park Ward councillor is pleased with the outcome and believes that more people will cycle into the town.

He said: “I’m not against it, I have been waiting for it for long enough. I think it will encourage more people to cycle in the area actually. I am satisfied with it.”