RESIDENTS have said they are 'fed up' and furious at ‘200-car boy racer meet-ups’ near their homes.

Didcot resident Jacqueline Grant said she is 'sick' of the 'racer meet-ups' at a car park in Southmead Industrial Park, Didcot.

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She explained that for the past 18 months hundreds of cars have been congregating in the area.

On Saturday night she said she was kept awake by 'revving, backfiring, sounds like gunshots and timed drag racing along the A4130' until 1am.

She said: "I am a fed-up resident who lives on the Ladygrove Estate in Didcot.

"It is a regular occurrence. Residents are fed up and sick of it."

On Saturday night Thames Valley Police were aware of a planned car cruise event in Oxford.

The police wrote on Twitter and said: "We are aware of a car cruise event planned in Oxford this evening.

"Officers are patrolling for any careless or dangerous driving on the roads and will be enforcing any unlawful amendments to vehicles including illegible number plates, exceeding noise limits and illegal exhaust systems."

Leah Hewerdine, Didcot resident took to Twitter in anger and wrote in reply to Thames Valley Police.

At 10.30pm she said: "They’re at Didcot Hawksworth estate right now and the noise is so loud.

"Also driving dangerously... saw police up there earlier, as soon as the police left, they’ve been back doing the exact same thing.

"Can officers please be sent out again to send them home?"

This is not the first time 'boy racers' have angered Didcot residents with 'screeching tyres’. 

In December 2019 more than 500 people gathered in Oxford Parkway train station car park to watch boy racers zoom round makeshift tracks. 

However, Thames Valley Police 'didn't have enough officers' to shut it down.