MEMBERS of public can watch live today as a controversial plan for 3,000 homes in an Oxfordshire parish is examined by a Government inspector.

Jonathan Bore will assess the plan to build a massive new housing estate on Chalgrove Airfield.

Opponents have said the estate would destroy the small community of Chalgrove.

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Tomorrow, people can watch as Mr Bore goes on to examine plans for similarly massive housing estates next to Culham Science Centre and south of Grenoble Road in Oxford.

The plans are all part of South Oxfordshire District Council's contentious Local Plan for housing.

Herald Series:

All the major housing sites in the plan.

The current Green Party and Liberal Democrat leaders of the council tried to throw the plans out themselves after they won power in May last year, but then housing minister Robert Jenrick forced them to submit it for formal inspection by Mr Bore, a process which began two weeks ago.

Cabinet member for planning Anne-Marie Simpson said: “I know there will be a lot of interest in the strategic sites part of the examination so I hope people will continue to take the opportunity to view the sessions online each day to hear what’s being discussed.”

Herald Series:

Members of public can watch all the discussion live on the council's YouTube channel, today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

Follow the link at

On Tuesday the focus will be on Chalgrove Airfield, on Wednesday the examination will consider land adjacent to Culham Science Centre and south of Grenoble Road; and on Thursday the discussion will move on to land at Northfield and at Berinsfield.

Week Three will then conclude on Friday by looking at land north of Bayswater Brook.

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The South Oxfordshire Local Plan examination is the first in the country to be carried out online by the Planning Inspectorate following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme for week three is as follows:

Tuesday 28 July:

• 10am - Inspector’s announcements; Matter 11: STRAT7: Chalgrove Airfield

• 2pm - Reserved for Matter 11 if necessary

Wednesday 29 July:

• 10am - Matter 12: STRAT8 and STRAT9: Land at/adjacent to Culham Science Centre

• 2pm - Matter 13: STRAT11: Land south of Grenoble Road

Thursday 30 July:

• 10am - Matter 14: STRAT12: Land at Northfield

• 2pm - Matter 15: STRAT10: Land at Berinsfield

Friday 31 July:

• 10am - Matter 16: STRAT13: Land north of Bayswater Brook; Inspector’s announcements

Once the public hearings have concluded, the inspector may suggest changes for consultation prior to producing an inspector’s report later this year on how to finalise the local plan, before it is brought to councillors for a decision on whether to actually adopt it.

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