A 'QUICK-THINKING' resident had a lucky escape after shutting the bathroom door when they saw a fire. 

Firefighters were called to a house in Rose Hill on Friday evening and when they arrived smoke was pouring from the windows of the ground floor and first floor. 

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Crews from Slade Road and Rewley Road fire stations put on specialist equipment and used high-pressure hose reels to wash it down. 

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Inside, the fire had completely ruined the bathroom but firefighters say it could have easily been a lot worse. 

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Praising the resident on Facebook, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue shared pictures of the melted ceiling alarm and burnt walls, saying: "Although the fire caused some extensive damage to the bathroom, the quick thinking of the resident to close the bathroom door after smelling smoke, and then leaving the property, stopped a small but severe fire from spreading to the rest of the house."