One Oxfordshire resident is going the extra mile and tackling Mount Snowdon in aid of metal health charity Oxfordshire Mind.

Ali Hollest, from Steventon has challenged himself to run the six major routes of the mountain one after the other, up and down 78km, and over 5200m of ascent, creating his own 'six ways Snowdon challenge' in September.

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Mr Hollest said: “I recently found out that an ex-colleague and friend of mine, Milo, took his own life aged just 27. Milo was smart, funny, sporty and seemed to live a very healthy and fulfilling life with his best years still ahead of him,”

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He added: “However nobody knew what he was going through, none of his friends, family or colleagues had any idea things had got so bad. There are still many questions left unanswered and I know there are many families experiencing similar things right now as people struggle to cope with these unprecedented times.

“My unique 'Snowdon six ways challenge' is raising money and awareness of mental health so that nobody has to suffer in silence anymore. We need to prevent more men and women, just like Milo, from taking their own life.”

He hopes to raise more than £6000 to help support Oxfordshire Mind.