A MASSIVE new radar tower is to be built at RAF Benson near Wallingford.

The Ministry of Defence has revealed its plans for the 27 metre-high structure in a planning application to South Oxfordshire District Council.

The MOD explained that the tower has to be created as part of a 22-year contract it signed with Aquila in 2014 to provide military air traffic control services in the UK and overseas.

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As such, it needs to upgrade equipment on an irregular basis.

Members of public can see the plans for themselves at the council's website southoxon.gov.uk using planning application reference code P20/S3160/T28.

The council will now have to judge the plans against national planning law and decide whether to give permission for the structure or not.

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Among the criteria will be its effect, if any, on the skyline of the area.

The council is aiming to make a decision on the application by September 22.

Benson is one of two RAF bases in Oxfordshire, the other one being Brize Norton at Carterton in West Oxfordshire district.