RESIDENTS were woken up in the middle of the night by a big group of teenagers partying in a park.

Neighbours of Abingdon Rugby Club took to social media to complain about 'loud music and noise' coming from the field opposite on Tuesday at around 1am.

One resident Calum Dubhthaigh commented he could hear all the way over at Marina Way.

He added: "Seems to be becoming a regular event for a group of children/teens gathering in the park opposite Abingdon Rugby club.

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" I do not mind the noise that much, but could whoever controls the playlist just pick a song and stick with it."

Another local Kathy Head commented: "I heard it last night – it kept me awake.

"It was not the music, it was bloody girls screaming to all hours.

"Some of us have to work."

Police officers also broke up large groups in the nearby Albert Park in June and even made people pick up litter they had dropped.