AN OXFORDSHIRE school has unveiled its new ‘designer’ toilets.

Bathrooms in the Frideswide building at Didcot Girls’ School have had a makeover this summer and include framed photos taken by pupils, inspired by their local environment.

The idea came from the school council, which designed and funded the project.

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Local interior designer Kate Williams, from The Bee & The Dodo, helped out.

She said: “It’s been a challenging interiors project, and with one of the most critical audiences. I’ve loved being involved and guiding them to create a calm and stylish space for the girls.”

Headteacher Georgina Littler said: “I am delighted with how this project has ended up, we think the toilets look fantastic and not what you would expect to find in a school.

“Pupils were involved in the project from start to finish working alongside the brilliant Kate, and they have well and truly shown what can result when you put into practice some of our school’s key values such as leadership and resilience.”