TWO brothers were involved in a dramatic rescue mission after an elderly woman was stuck in the River Thames this morning.

Groundworker Archie, 24, and Bradley Dixon, 26, a drainage engineer, were fishing as they do most Sunday mornings when they heard someone shouting in the water.

Hayleigh Neal, the elder brother’s partner, said: “Bradley and Archie went down to Abbey Meadows to go fishing and they saw what they thought was a buoy in the water.

“Then they heard a voice shouting ‘help me’ and realised it was a person.

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“They chucked a safety rope but she couldn’t reach it and didn’t want to let go of the weeds she was holding on to.

“Archie then jumped in the river and so did Bradley and they pulled her out with the help of another passerby.

“Her eyes were closed and she was in so much shock, and was so cold that she wasn’t responding.

“She was about 70, and we don’t know how she got in the water because they didn’t hear a splash.

“When the emergency services arrived at the scene, they told the boys that they’d saved a life.”

The incident took place at about 7.40am this morning.