A NEW cheating map has revealed the number of people in Oxford having an affair. 

Adultery is booming in the city with 14,471 people signed up to an affiars dating site compared to 13,770 last year.

Oxford is the adultery capital of Oxfordshire followed by Banbury with 1,182 cheats. 

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Scroll down to view the full list below. 

The main reason is apparently 'lockdown cabin fever' with people getting fed up at home.

The figures are from IllicitEncounters.com, the 'top' affairs dating website. Spokesperson Jessica Leoni said: "We have seen a big rise in cheating over the last year in Oxford and throughout Oxfordshire, even in the last six months covered by Covid. 

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"This is due to lockdown cabin fever - increasing numbers of people have become fed-up with their partners after being stuck together at home for most of this year and even denied a summer holiday in many cases.

"People started dating again and cheating numbers surged as lots of new relationships were forged." 

Where are people cheating in Oxfordshire?

Oxford: 14,471 people (13,770 last year) 

Banbury: 1,182 people 

Abingdon: 861 people 

Bicester: 573 people

Didcot: 524 people 

Witney: 304 people 

Henley: 46 people 

Oxford can also be broken down into postcode areas: 

OX1: 1,626 people 

OX2: 936 people 

OX3: 832 people

OX4: 1,483 people 

OX5: 482 people

OX7: 402 people 

OX9: 402 people 

OX10: 506 people

OX11: 524 people

OX12: 479 people

OX14: 861 people

OX16: 1,182 people