AN OXFORDSHIRE MP met with environment minister Lord Gardiner this morning about the ‘alarming’ badger cull in the county.

Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran urged the minister ‘to stop the cull as soon as possible’ and shared her constituents’ overwhelming opposition to the killings.

This follows Natural England introducing a cull licence for the county for the first time.

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At the time of the announcement Ms Moran said she was 'alarmed' that the badger cull is being extended in Oxfordshire.

Speaking after the meeting the Lib Dem MP said: "We all want the same thing – to end badger culling and to stop the spread of bovine TB to protect cattle and badgers.

"It is vital that a vaccine is ready as soon as possible so that the culling can end.

"Thank you to all my constituents who have written to me about this, and to those who have signed our local petition."