A SEX offender was found with 13 items of children’s underwear including soiled knickers at his home.

Anthony Grealy, 40, of St Helens Mews in Abingdon appeared at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Friday to be sentenced for breaching a sexual offences prevention order made by Oxford Crown Court on May 25, 2016.

On July 28, Grealy was arrested for breaching the term of the sexual offences order that he should ‘not to be in possession of any children’s clothing or nappies.’

Grealy is also not allowed to visit parks and leisure centres or use the internet unless it is for education purposes and even then, he cannot go online without supervision.

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On Friday, the magistrates court heard that Grealy has a learning disability and has previously breached his sexual offences order.

He is regularly visited by a psychologist and a psychiatrist and it was on one of these visits that the underwear was first seen in his home and police were informed. Two weeks later his house was searched by police.

Grealy was found with 13 items of children’s clothing including pink girls’ knickers, a baby grow, soiled underwear and leggings in his home.

It is not known how he acquired the underwear, but Grealy confirmed that he understands that he is not allowed to have these items of children’s clothing in his possession.

In an interview with police Grealy gave no comment, but he later pleaded guilty at Magistrate’s Court.

Grealy has committed previous sexual offences.

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In 2002 he inappropriately touched a nine-year-old girl over her clothes in a park.

In 2013 he was given a two-year supervision order for breaching the sexual offences order and was admitted to a hospital as he was not fit to plea.

In 2015 he was found to be looking at indecent images online while he was being supervised in an internet cafe.

In Grealy’s most recent breach of his sexual offences order, he had huge difficulties understanding the police in his interview even with the help of an appropriate adult, due to his learning disability.

Grealy lives alone he struggles to manage money and sometimes has no electricity; he has no phone and he is on benefits.

After a long debate about what would be an appropriate punishment for Grealy, it was decided he should attend 50 sessions of a sex offenders programme over 18 months. Grealy was made aware that if he breaches this order the implications will be more serious.

He will also have to pay £85 in costs and a victim surcharge of £95 in £20 monthly instalments.