BRAZEN smokers were fined £80 for dropping cigarette ends on the ground while near a large sign that read 'Bin your litter or face a fine'.

Three people were fined just last week in Abingdon by environment crime officers from Vale of White Horse District Council.

The council workers, who were wearing hi-vis jackets, were out on patrol and standing by a sign which said 'Bin your litter or face a fine' when they spotted the offenders chucking their cigarette ends on the pavement.

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Earlier this year the Vale officers put together a Top Ten list of excuses given to them from people caught in the act.

These ranged from 'I could not see a bin' to 'I keep the road sweepers in a job'.

Full list of unacceptable excuses: 

1. I didn’t think a cigarette butt was litter

2. It was already littered so won't matter if I add some more

3. I didn't know it was against the law

4. I didn't know you could be fined for dropping litter

5. I'd have to walk all the way over to the bin

6. I keep the road sweepers in a job

7. You go and stop others first, then I will stop

8. It's bio-degradable

9. I couldn’t see a bin

10. There are no signs about not littering*