A YOUNG couple raised thousands in the peak of the pandemic to make reusable face shields for the NHS and care homes.

Design and tech teacher at Wallingford School Alice Walker, and firefighter and carpenter John Cornelius wanted to give back to their community.

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The Wallingford pair worked around the clock during lockdown to fundraise and make thousands of PPE face shields for key workers.

The production started at Wallingford School and inspired St Bartholomew’s and Mary Hare Schools to join the couple and make more of the masks. Together, they created an impressive production line and were producing them at the rate of six every nine minutes.

In April, the couple set up a Facebook page to raise money for materials for the face shields. It only took 16 days for them to raise a huge £6,000. Half of the money went on making the face shields, but £3,000 has been donated to the Wallingford Community Hospital League of Friends charity.

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Mr Cornelius said: “We wanted the left over donated money to go to back to the local community, as it mainly came from local Wallingford people, and this way we could support a great cause close to our hearts and home.”