A MAN who killed a pedestrian in a crash outside a Domino’s store has been jailed for seven years.

Ryan Owen-Brewerton must serve at least half that sentence, Oxford Crown Court heard this morning.

The court heard that at about 9.30pm on July 7 this year, Owen-Brewerton crashed into Kacper Grzeszek, near the Domino’s in Ock Street, Abingdon.

Twenty-year-old Owen-Brewerton was said to be driving his red BMW at 78mph before the collision.

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Mr Grzeszek, also 20, died the following day.

Owen-Brewerton, who has previous convictions for driving offences, had been drinking at the Boundary House pub in Abingdon in the evening and at about 6pm, it was noted he was ‘drinking lager, stumbling around and ignoring social distancing measures’.

At about 8.45pm, the group he was with was told to calm down or leave.

After leaving the pub at 9pm, he got into the BMW and set off towards his uncle’s house.

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However, Owen-Brewerton crashed the car into Mr Grzeszek at the crossing by Domino’s, and was found to have 90mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, the legal limit being 35mcg.

A victim statement read out in court on behalf of Mr Grzeszek’s mother said that his sister will never be able to hug her brother again and that his 80-year-old grandmother in Poland had ‘no more tears to cry’.

She added that the death of her son was ‘beyond her strength and beyond her limits’.

The defence said that Owen-Brewerton ‘did not intend to take the life of another young man’.

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A letter he wrote was read out to the court, expressing his ‘deep regret for his reckless behaviour’ and how sorry he was to the family.

Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly said: “I do not consider this to be an accident, you drank a large amount of alcohol, you got into the car and drove it at a ridiculous speed in the centre of Abingdon.

“You killed a young man of your age, one who had significant potential.”