RESIDENTS were informed on problems facing hedgehogs and what can be done to help them this weekend.

XR Abingdon ran a stall in the Market Place yesterday, offering advice to locals.

Nicky Warden, of XR Abingdon, said: “Hedgehog numbers in the UK are declining rapidly but we don’t have to sit back and let it happen, there are some easy things we can do to help.

“Hedgehogs roam between one and two kilometres a night so need to be able to move between gardens to feed.

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“One easy thing you can do is to make sure you have a hole of 13 x 13 cm in each of your fences or walls.

“You can also remove hazards like netting, put a ramp in your pond and check before lighting a bonfire.

“We want to encourage everyone to work together to make Abingdon a hedgehog-friendly town.”