A COLLEGE in South Oxfordshire has confirmed two cases of coronavirus.

Staff, students and parents at The Henley College were informed of of the first case on September 30, this followed up with another on Friday.

Principal and chief executive Satwant Deol said: “While we cannot discuss any personal information, we can confirm that two members of the college community have tested positive for Covid-19 since the beginning of term.

“We have communicated to our staff, students and parents informing them that we have confirmed cases, and where applicable in the second case we have informed those who have been in close contact with the individual to self-isolate for 14 days.

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“For the rest of the college community, we have confirmed that we do not need anyone to isolate as per NHS, Department for Education and Public Health England advice.

“We have robust health and safety guidelines in place and are following Government guidance on the wearing of masks in communal areas, handwashing and social distancing throughout our campuses.

“Hand sanitisers and spare masks are widely available and classroom layouts have been redesigned with safety in mind.”

The college confirmed it remains open.