THE INQUESTS of eight people who died in Oxfordshire will be heard at court this week.

From 10am on Wednesday the coroner will close the inquests of:

• Lukasz Iwanczyk, 37, who died on June 14 in Witney

• Grant Stevens, 70, who died on July 3 in John Radcliffe Hospital

• Carole Joines, 57, who died on July 11 in Banbury

• Julia Colwell, 81, who died on September 30 in John Radcliffe Hospital

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From 10am on Thursday the coroner will conclude the investigations into the deaths of:

• Walter Wilkinson, 94, who died on April 1 in Horton General Hospital

• Kathleen Coleman, 97, who died on August 31 in the John Radcliffe Hospital

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From midday the inquests will also be opened into the deaths of:

• Steven Gunningham, 39, who died on September 30 in Banbury

• Moira Hands, 83, who died on September 21 in Sobell House

• Pei Dong Liang, 51, who died on October 4 in Bicester

• Liam Murphy, 33, who died on October 2 in Abingdon

• Catherine Taylor, 91, who died on October 5 in John Radcliffe Hospital

• Terrance Whalley, 82, who died on October 3 in Faringdon

• Julia Lyne, 71, who died on October 10 in John Radcliffe Hospital

• Katherine Lomas, 78, who died on October 13 in John Radcliffe Hospital

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At an inquest, the coroner will determine who the person is, how, when and where they came to their death.

All of them will be read by the coroner at the Oxfordshire County Council building on New Road.

Any member of the public must book ahead of going to an inquest.