A FAMILY of three feel their dream of owning a new home has been ruined after buying a ‘nightmare’ house from building company Taylor Wimpey.

In October 2019 Angel Vankov, 39 bought a house from Taylor Wimpey on Box Tree Lane in Didcot.

Mr Vankov moved into the four-bedroom house with his wife Lucy and his four-year-old son.

However, almost immediately after moving into what they thought would be their dream home, the ‘nightmare’ started.

When the family moved into their new home and turned on the main tap for the water supply, they went upstairs to find that the toilet in the ensuite was flooded because the pipe behind the toilet was not fitted properly.

A flooded bathroom was just the first incident in what has been a year of problems.

Since, the family have had to deal with more than 50 visits from Taylor Wimpey and their contractors to try and rectify problems with the house.

On almost a weekly basis Mr Vankov and his wife found faults in their new home.

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Problems including a faulty thermostat, central heating which causes knocking noises from the radiators and disturbs the family’s sleep, creaking floors and stairs, and drafty windows and doors.

The most recent problem was a poorly fitted front door caused by too much expanding foam.

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Mr Vankov said: “Most of the problems still remain unsolved and they are trying to avoid acknowledging them.

“The worst thing is that they pass the responsibility to their contractors and the contractors fail to acknowledge and rectify the problems and they are constantly denying it.”

Although the homeowners agree that the majority of problems have been dealt with by Taylor Wimpey, they are still fed up of being told some of the problems with their home are ‘normal’ and feel they are not being treated with respect.

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Mr Vankov believes many of the problems with the ‘nightmare’ house are not ‘normal’ and he wants to show others the ‘disgusting build quality’ of the Taylor Wimpey house.

Contractors have been sent to the home to try and fix the problems, but Mr Vankov is not convinced each job has been properly checked.

Mr Vankov said: “I have lots of different contractors coming in and out of the house and I don’t actually think they did a quality check on the completion of each job.”

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Homeowner, Mr Vankov has found it hard to juggle his shifts working in security to fit around contractors fixing the endless list of problems with his house.

He said: “I was thinking about taking them to court for all the lost time, but I need proper advice before going ahead.”

A Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said: “We regret that Mr Vankov has experienced some issues with his home.

“Customer satisfaction is a priority for Taylor Wimpey, and we have completed works to rectify the majority of the items reported to us.

"We are in regular contact with Mr Vankov regarding a small number of outstanding matters and have committed to completing the work as soon as possible.”