AN ENTIRE school was evacuated after a ‘security threat’.

In the second incident this week, a school was forced to get everybody outside while police checked it was safe.

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Didcot Girls School headteacher Georgina Littler told parents in an email yesterday that the incident had occurred in the morning.

Herald Series:

She wrote: “This morning we received a threat regarding the school’s security and, having taken advice from the police, made the decision to evacuate the building.

“The police were excellent arriving on site quickly. They confirmed that the threat was unsubstantiated, and the school was safe.

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“We would always take the safety of staff and students very seriously which is why we made the decision to evacuate.

“Students were kept in their year group bubbles and the day timings amended to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to get some lunch.

“Students behaved in an exemplary fashion and all students and staff are now back in lessons.”

 On Tuesday, all pupils and staff at Burford School were evacuated after a bomb scare.

Thames Valley Police said the school had received a recorded phone message claiming that there was a bomb inside the school.

Headteachers, who were contacted for a comment, made the decision to evacuate the building ‘as a precaution’.

However, it was later established that this was a hoax and that there was no threat to anybody in the school.