A COMMUNITY survey is helping an Oxfordshire town take steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

Environmental group Sustainable Wantage and Wantage Town Council have launched a survey to tackle air pollution.

The survey includes questions about transport, food and energy.

Results from the survey will identify what carbon reductions could be achieved in Wantage.

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It will also identify the type of support that residents need in order to reduce their household’s carbon footprint and individual contribution to climate change.

Mim Norvell from Sustainable Wantage said: “Feedback from the community will help us enormously to prioritise where to focus our actions and a special thanks goes to Wantage Town Council for providing funding for this project.”

Councillor Angela Dunford, Chair of the Climate Emergency Committee, said: “The Climate Emergency Committee is working with groups across the town and with other councils to find ways of reducing our carbon footprint, helping us all reuse, repair, reduce and recycle and ensuring that people can walk and cycle safely in Wantage.”

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Residents can fill out the survey online at: www.sustainablewantage.org.uk.

There will also be some face to face opportunities for residents to complete the survey in the town centre on market days over the next month.

There is an incentive, if the survey is completed by December 4, residents will have a chance to win a £100 voucher that can be spent with an independent business in the town.