A LONG-LOST quilt created by members of the Women’s Institute was found – stored in a gents' toilet.

A team from Fitzharry’s WI at Abingdon spent several months working on the sizeable quilt as a gift to the town to mark the Millennium in 2000.

It featured various town activities including the famous 400-year-old bun-throwing ceremony and the annual fireworks display, with the historic County Hall as a backdrop.

It was presented to the town mayor at the time Lesley Legge and hung in the foyer near the Roysse Room in the Guildhall.

The quilt remained there for several years but it was taken down when the building was under refurbishment and then mysteriously lost.

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Members from the institute had almost given up on hops that they would ever find, it as more than five years had passed, when it was miraculously discovered in the gents' toilet.

Local Trine Lucy, who suggested creating the quilt, commented on its importance: “Many members, some of whom are no longer with us, were involved, and it took us a very long time to make.

“Most of the work took place at my house.

“I tried several times to find out where the hanging was stored but numerous people assured me it was safe, but nothing happened.

“Then, during lockdown, a quilting friend told me her daughter who worked at the Guildhall had noticed something in the gentlemen’s toilet.”

The quilt maker instantly phoned the mayor, Charlie Birks, who got on the case immediately and confirmed it was the long-lost item hiding in the water closet.

A decision was made that the garment will now be rehung in the Abbey Room at the Guildhall.

Mrs Lucy, who lives at Radley, added: “What a relief.

“I can now rest assured that all our hard work will be appreciated by many future generations to come.”