ALMOST 100 bouquets have been delivered in memory of a caring neighbour who loved flower arranging.

Mum-of-three Rebekah Pugh and retired maths teacher Janet Kingdon, from Faringdon, have been sending bouquets of flowers to spread joy in memory of their friend Molly Day who died in September, aged 95.

The bouquet scheme, Flowers from Molly, gives residents in Faringdon an opportunity to donate money and nominate someone to receive a bouquet using the Flowers from Molly website.

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Flowers are sent out for all occasions, whether for a birthday or if someone is unwell, and all bouquets are sent anonymously.

Flowers from Molly is generating a cycle of generosity as those who receive flowers often then nominate someone else to receive a bouquet.

Ms Pugh said: “We have had some lovely reactions: people have burst into tears and people have said they really needed the flowers because they have had a terrible day and we have saved their day. We have had a couple of businesses we have taken them out to and particularly in these hard times it has really made a difference, so it has been a positive scheme.”

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Flower donations have been provided by Tesco supermarket and greenery from residents’ gardens helps Ms Pugh and Ms Kingdon design unique bouquets.

Originally the Flowers from Molly scheme aimed to deliver 95 bouquets to honour the 95 years Molly lived, however, the scheme has become so popular that almost 100 bouquets have been delivered.

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Raising more than £700 in donations, Flowers from Molly has been able to keep going and buying flowers and wrapping paper.

For the last five years of Mrs Day’s life Ms Pugh was her neighbour and friend. They shared many interests including a love of cooking and the love of flowers and they spent many hours chatting.

Mrs Day spent her whole life helping others - sewing, knitting, cooking, fundraising, and taking meals to the sick.

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Ms Pugh described Mrs Day as an excellent flower arranger, and for many years she was a very active member of the Flower Guild in Faringdon. She said Flowers from Molly was a way that Mrs Day could continue to help others.

Mrs Day's nephew David Neal said of the scheme: “She would have been absolutely over the moon. She lived for flowers she used to win flower competitions.

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"She was a great person for local community, and she appreciated any help she had. She didn’t have much but whatever she had she was keen to share it and help people out.”

Molly grew up near Burford and started work and went into service at 15 years old.

Mr Neal said: “I think in the climate we are living in, with people struggling with mental health, to get a bunch of flowers I think makes a difference.”