THE Department of Transport will soon announce the result of a high-profile bid on a new railway station in southern Oxfordshire.

Rachel McLean, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for transport, confirmed she received David Johnston MP's bid for a rail hub in the village of Grove, following a Government U-turn earlier this year.

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Wantage Road Station, which closed in 1964 during the Beeching cuts, was included in a £500 million Government scheme after continuous lobbying from the new Conservative MP and local campaigners.

An investigation into the unexpected reversal in decision uncovered a blunder in the application process made by Oxfordshire County Council and the Department of Transport.

The Wantage MP highlighted the importance of a railway station for residents during an Adjournment debate on Tuesday.

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Ms Mclean commented: " I assure him that the Department has received his bid.

"We were delighted to receive it and we expect to announce the results soon."

The new station would save residents having to drive to Didcot Parkway to catch a train, which takes 20 minutes without traffic.