PUBS will be able to reopen tomorrow as the month-long national lockdown in England comes to an end.

Oxfordshire will be entering Tier 2 restrictions meaning pubs can reopen if they serve 'substantial meals'.

We asked readers whether they would feel comfortable to go back to the pub as Oxfordshire enters Tier 2 this week.

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Here is what our readers said on Facebook:

ANDY MORRIS: "Of course. I felt uncomfortable not going to the pub."

LAUREN FISHER: "I feel safer in a pub than at my local Tesco."

SUSAN MILTON: "Can't wait until they are open. Hurry up."

DANIELLE EDMUNDS: "Can't wait to save the pubs."

GEMMA HARDING: "The pubs are safer than supermarkets."

MAT WRIGHT: "Never felt unsafe before, was put of by staff wearing masks and visors though."

SUZANNE SAUNTER: "If only - our village pub is not reopening because of the food thing."

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SIMON HALL: "What is it about a 'substantial meal' which makes the person consuming it seemingly immune to Coronavirus?

"Maybe a substantial meal has magical anti-virus properties."

CHRIS GUNNING: "Absolutely, safest place to be."

SAM LONG: "At the moment just be grateful you don't live in Wales."

DAVID CAMERON-YOUNG: "Not if I have to have a substantial meal.

"I just want to have some time with friends, chatting socialising.

"It is what Christmas is about."

TOBY WOODS: "The more people that stay at home the better, let the other people who do not live in fear have a bit of enjoyment, but let's hope the people saying 'no' never visit a supermarket, as they are reported to be at the top of the list for transmission while hospitality is at the bottom."

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NIGEL RUSSELL: "Yes sooner the better, you can go anywhere else but not have a beer in your local where the rules are kept to and the staff do a great job keeping it clean and safe, I would rather be in there than on a train, or a bus, or a supermarket."

CHRIS POST: "Shopping is a necessity especially for those that do not have access to home delivery.

"Going to the pub is not necessary.

"Thinking of others as well as yourself does not mean you are scared, just considerate.

"I for one am prepared to put up with anything that is going to let all of us get back to normality as soon as possible."

LEIGH GIBSON: "Me and my partner have visited bars and restaurants in Banbury, Leamington, Oxford, London and Brighton.

"We felt safer there than in supermarkets. Everything is super controlled."

CLAIRE RYMAN: "I think by the middle of next year, when hopefully numbers are right down, and this country seriously looks at damage done to businesses, it is going to be a hell of a lot worse than first thought.

"I really feel for small shops and pubs and I think it will be really hard to come back from this."

NIKKI COLES: "Our pub cannot open because it does not do 'substantial food' which is gutting for the landlord and landlady, how are wet pubs suppose to survive?"

JENNIFER WHITFIELD: "If you don't want to go, don't, but then please don't moan when the pubs shut.

"There is no evidence that pubs causes the spread of the virus in the first place, yet they are continually shut down.

"At least the pubs are doing their best unlike some shops which deemed themselves essential."

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DAVID SHORT: "Why not go to the pub? It is safer than going to work."

RACHEL CLARK: "Some people make me laugh, 'they can't wait to go to the pub', what's wrong with getting a few cans from Tesco and putting them in the fridge and sit comfortably in your own home."

PAUL FRENCH: "Tesco will survive. Some pubs won't. That's people's businesses, homes, and people's jobs."

ROBERT SANDERS: "No, ask Wales. It's [pubs] the main spreader according to Mark Drakeford."