A POTTERY and painting art exhibition offers a chance to grab some unique Christmas gifts made by local artists.

Ceramicist Clare Owen and wildlife and pet painter Nandi Ablett are hosting the exhibition on Saturday December 12, and Sunday 13 and January 9 and 10, 2021 at 42 Little Wittenham Road.

The show will be held in Ms Owen's 'well ventilated' studio in her garden and hand sanitiser will be provided.

The artists will be donating some of the profits made from the show to local charities.

Ms Owen has lived in Little and Long Wittenham since 1986, but before that she lived in Greece for many years and it was there that she started collecting pottery in a small way, mostly decorated plates.

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She still has one jug made in Euboea in the 1970s. When she came back to England and got her own home these plates went up on the wall, and since then they have proliferated through the house, as she has learned to make them herself.

Ms Ablett has had a career as a freelance artist and now enjoys spending time painting what she likes for a change, which includes painting local views of Oxfordshire and, trying to be Green, she collects interesting unwanted pieces of wood and paints birds on them.

Ms Ablett has been taking her birds to local craft fairs for many years but, of course, there have been none this year. She also paints Dog Lead Plaques with a portrait of the dog.