A BUDDING artist has sold his very first painting at auction for a cool £65 - and he's only 10-years-old.

Bradley Denham, from Thame, has only been painting for a month.

However, his mum was so impressed with his work that she put one of his canvases up for sale – and it was a snapped up.

The success is a double win for Bradley, who is in year five at Barley Hill School in Thame, because painting is also helping him cope with his ADHD.

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Bradley's mum, Melissa Denham, said: “He has been doing it for about a month.

"My sister bought him a canvas for his birthday and he randomly went outside and did loads of splashes and I said, ‘you could sell that Brad’."

She added: "I put it on Facebook Market Place for a stupid price of £100,000, not looking for that but just to see if anyone was interested. Then people started bidding on it.”

The painting was eventually bought for £65 to a man who owns a chip shop in Princess Risborough.

He has now pledged to frame and display the painting this weekend in his shop for everyone to enjoy.

After his first sale, Bradley is now aiming high and is continuing with his artistic inspiration by painting more canvases.

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Ms Denham said: “He was over the moon; it got his inspiration up and he just carried on.”

The 10-year-old is currently striving to build his portfolio and get his name out there for other people to enjoy his artistic creations.

Ms Denham said Bradley suffers with learning disabilities and struggles with concentration as he has ADHD.

However, painting has calmed him down, given him something creative to focus on and helped him concentrate.

Bradley already has a lot more blank canvases to paint and sell, but he is reluctant to sell his favourites.

Ms Denham is looking to get Bradley's name out there as a young artist, however she will be sticking to Facebook Market Place for now to sell his paintings.