AFTER a petition was launched to stop a new Aldi being built in Abingdon, readers reacted with their opinions.

Last week, the supermarket chain announced that it wants to open a new shop in Wootton Road.

However, a petition created by Steve Alix was put to Vale of White Horse District Council, stating the new development would ‘destroy our local environment’ and ‘will result in a loss of habitat’.

The petition is seeking 100 signatures and here’s what you said:

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Chaz Aznavour: They’ve already hacked down some of the trees/hedgerow next to the road. Such a shame to see it destroyed. They can’t leave anything alone.

Georgie Agdgdgwngo II: It’s time Abingdon had an alternative other than Waitrose which is at the opposite end of the market.

Minifan66: If caring about my environment and trying to make sure we still have some trees and wildlife for our children makes me a nimby then fine, call me one. It’s so easy to call people names rather than form a cogent argument as to why Aldi should build a supermarket on a road which becomes a massive queue at rush hour. Maybe you don’t live in between the proposed site and the A34 so you don’t care about the potential pollution. I’m exasperated that anyone should think another supermarket is needed rather than something to add positively to our community.

Trump’s tears: Come January 1 most of Abingdon will need Aldi, probably the only place they’ll be able to afford.

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Hmmm76: Go for it Aldi, you are a great supermarket for the locals. Obviously the guy who’s trying to stop this shops at Waitrose.

gonanny: The population where live is 81,944, we have Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury’s Asda and two large Tescos and a Tesco Metro plus loads of small convenience stores. Traffic was always a problem before but with the increase in new housing estates being built it is even worse.

monkey_tennis: Abingdon isn’t a small town though. This is the perfect location for a supermarket which, whether you like it or not, the town does need in spite of the new Lidl being built. I also don’t buy the argument about it being a ‘nature site’. It’s a grassy wasteland used a couple of times a year for circuses and funfairs. Bring on Aldi.

David Wilson: Yeah I agree with petition. People will still drive to the store no matter. Can’t they just go to the new Lidl or will that have to mean walking too.

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Cumnor37: Why is an Aldi as there is a new Lidl opening soon. Can’t see David Wilson home owners using Aldi when Waitrose is in town. We should support existing small traders. Some people seem to want larger helpings of junk food for their money rather than having a green space to walk in.

Also, the planned Aldi is only a small store with limited range. Hardly think Tesco will be quaking in their boots. They may even welcome losing some of the customers in certain demographic ranges.

Redbulls: Fantastic news I hope there is a counter petition for it to open, would be nice for there to be more choices in Abingdon and surrounding areas, not everyone has shopping delivered and Aldi I am sure will create jobs and provide an alternative shopping experience.

Grandmakaren: I am a pensioner who would love to see Aldi just up the road from me. Tesco is too expensive and I for one welcome this. Aldi prices are so much better and also this would create jobs much needed in our area and I do know Aldi pay well.

It’s me here: There are times of the day when the traffic builds up and it is very difficult to turn left or right across the traffic flow on this road.