Though the Local Plan’s journey to adoption is now at an end, its purpose has only just begun.

The plan includes 30,000 homes across the area to be built by 2035, as well as room for new offices and other employment spaces.

As a lower limit, the council needs to built 23,500 of these homes; the rest are ‘headroom’.

Many homes are already being built due to existing developments, with 13,500 yet to begin.

Some would be built in extensions to historic towns and villages, including Henley, Thame and Wallingford.

But the bulk of the new homes would be built on seven ‘strategic sites’.

MAPPED: Where the new homes can be built

The first of these is west of Culham Science Centre and could provide 3,500 homes. The second site is in Berinsfield, a 1,700 home extension to the village.

The third site is Chalgrove Airfield, which could create up to 3,000 homes in a new town.

The fourth site is Northfield, near the Cowley Mini Plant. This land could become 1,800 new homes.

The fifth site at Grenoble Road, south of the Oxford Ring Road could become up to 3,000 homes and together with Northfield has been tipped to help the city meet its ‘unmet need’ for housebuilding.

There are also plans to build 500 homes on Oxford Brookes’ Wheatley campus.

The final site is two parcels of land north east of Oxford, known as ‘Land north of Bayswater Brook’. Different housing numbers have been suggested here ranging from 800 to 3,000.