A COUNTY-wide network of traffic wardens could soon be brought to Oxfordshire, as the final council taking part in the scheme is due to sign up later today (December 22).

South Oxfordshire District Council will be the third and final district to sign off on the new Civil Parking Enforcement Scheme, which could be rolled out sometime next year.

The district will join Vale of White Horse and Cherwell District Council is signing up to the scheme, which will plug a gap in traffic enforcement in those parts of Oxfordshire.

Oxford and West Oxfordshire already have up and running traffic warden schemes, while the other areas are among only 12 council areas in England which currently do not have parking enforcement.

Oxfordshire County Council first discussed the plans in October, and once SODC joins the other districts in signing off on them, the Government will be told.

SODC was due to discuss the plan at its meeting on Thursday, December 10.

But debate over the long-delayed Local Plan took up the entire length of the meeting instead.

A special council meeting was organised for today to discuss the parking enforcement plans instead.

Alongside the discussion on the new traffic wardens, there are also plans for several debates, including stronger environmental regulations for building, supporting trans rights, and a weight limit for vehicles travelling through Henley.

Council meetings are currently being held remotely, and members of the public can watch them via YouTube.