Art prodigy Bradley Denham has auctioned his second painting for £180 and he will be donating the money to mental health charity Mind.

Bradley, 10 from Thame auctioned his first painting in December for £65 to a man who owns a chip shop in Princess Risborough.

The budding artist’s work is being snapped up online. Bradley’s mum, Melissa Denham launched a Facebook page for his art and over Christmas Bradley’s leaf canvas fetched £180 at auction for his chosen charity Mind.

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Semi-professional boxer, personal trainer and mental health advocate from Oxford, Sean Flaherty, was the highest bidder and bought the painting.

Bradley, who is in year five at Barley Hill School in Thame, has found painting helps him cope with his ADHD. The 10-year-old is currently striving to build his portfolio and get his name out there for other people to enjoy his artistic creations.