TWO surveys will be carried out in South Oxfordshire following concerns about speeding.

Oxfordshire County councillor Emily Smith confirmed that new road markings will be installed at the Northcourt Lane and Clevelands junction in North Abingdon to increase visibility and remind people to drive carefully.

The councillor also revealed that two speed surveys will be conducted on Oxford Road and Northcourt Lane, and Norman Avenue after a ‘nasty’ incident.

They are often clogged by traffic in the mornings when parents take their children to the three schools in the area.

These will take place after the third national lockdown comes to an end.

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In the meantime, the Liberal Democrat councillor ordered that the word ‘slow’ is painted on Norman Avenue in a couple of places to remind drivers not to exceed the speed limit.

Latest figures obtained by the Oxford Mail through a Freedom of Information request recently revealed that Thames Valley Police recorded 13,139 speeding offences in the county from January 1 until November 11.

While that was 3,154 fewer incidents than the year before, it was also during a year when people across Oxfordshire were asked to ‘stay at home’ during two lengthy national lockdowns.

This meant that drivers were discouraged from going out for anything but essential reasons.

Across England and Wales in 2019-20, the number of people caught breaking the speed limit hit 2.6 million.

The number represented an increase of eight per cent.