Historian and author Anthony Mockler, displayed a huge ‘Brexit banner’ at his manor near Didcot to mark Britain leaving the Europan Union.

Mr Mockler has published several history books in his lifetime including King Arthur and His Knights, and leaving the EU is another historical event that he marked with fireworks, a banner and a sign that said ‘Bye Bye Brussels’.

In 2016 voters in Oxfordshire went against the national trend and declared they wanted to remain in the EU.

In West Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire, the Remain campaign won by a majority of 7per cent, 13 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. However, Cherwell voted to leave.

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As 2020 came to a close a series of events were hosted in the city to mark the UK leaving the European Union.

On December 31, Oxford City Council flew the European Union flag and a candlelit vigil marking Brexit also took place in the evening.

However, Mr Mockler decided to mark the day with fireworks and a huge ‘Brexit banner’.

The banners were put up by 11.00 pm on January 31, to coincide with the official leaving EU time and the whole display was accompanied by fireworks at 11pm.