14 investigations into the deaths of people from Oxfordshire will be opened at court this week.

From 11am today the coroner will conclude the investigations into the deaths of: 

  • Anthony Roberts, 43, from Banbury, who died on September 10 in Banbury
  • Diane Lucas, 76, from Henley on Thames, who died on September 18 in Henley on Thames

A pre-inquest review will also be held from 2pm into the death of: 

  •  Mathew Talbot, 22, from Birmingham, who died on May 5 in Malawi

On Wednesday from 10am, pre-inquest reviews will also be held into the deaths: 

  • Thomas Glancy, 64, from Kidlington, who died on July 16 on the A420 near Abingdon
  • Martin Malins, 50, from Bicester, who died on August 03 on the B4437 Shipton-under-Wychwood
  • Valerie Keeble, 90, from Faringdon, who died on September 16 in The Grange Nursing Home

From 11am the inquests will also be concluded into the deaths of:

  • David Malov, 18, from Abingdon, who died on August 2 in Oxford
  • Alexander Brown, 60, from Oxford, who died on May 05 in Oxford
  • Peter Blackwell, 76, from Burford, who died on August 06 in the John Radcliffe Hospital

At 1pm the inquests will also open into the deaths of: 

  • Aaron Clark, 31, from Witney, who died on January 6 in the John Radcliffe Hospital
  • Adam Warren, 27, from Wantage, who died on January 3 in Wantage

On Thursday, three investigations will be closed into the deaths of: 

  • Thomas Wiggins, 89, from Bicester, who died on September 2 in Bicester
  • David Lewis, 60, from Rickmansworth, who died on July 16 on the A41 Bicester
  • Alex Washburn,  46, from Banbury, who died on September 4 in Banbury