Cyclists are furious because a five-arm ‘mega’ roundabout has been proposed on a Didcot development in Valley Park that could see more than 4,000 new homes built.

The Harwell Bicycle Users group (HarBUG) fear the roundabout will leave cyclists and pedestrians feeling 'cut-off'.

The ‘mega’ roundabout is to be built on the main cycling commuter route from Didcot and Didcot Parkway to the Harwell Campus. The County Council had designated it a premium cycle route as part of the Science Vale Cycle Network which has recently attracted Government funding, to encourage more cycling.

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Businesses at the Harwell Campus have also raised reservations about the roundabout as they have been encouraging sustainable travel, investing in cycle infrastructure like showers and changing facilities and cycle repair stands.

Kevin Wilkinson, chair of HarBUG said: “We have seen how big roundabouts deter people from cycling and walking, whilst encouraging fast driving. Foxhall Road Roundabout on Station Road and the Power Station Roundabout, both in Didcot, are good examples of this."

Mr Wilkinson added: "A more appropriate design would be a compact roundabout or even a ‘Dutch’ style roundabout for this junction, it would allow all travel modes to use the junction whilst maintaining the projected capacity.”