Demand for pets has skyrocketed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic with the Dogs Trust seeing a 66-per-cent call rise in 2020 compared to 2019. 

With the majority of us locked down inside our homes it’s easy to see how more of us than ever before are turning to local animal shelters looking to find the perfect pet.

Chief executive of Dogs Trust, Owen Sharp said: “It's no surprise that during the pandemic there has been a huge demand for dogs, as more people have been at home with time to care for a new family member, of the canine kind. 

“We saw a 66% increase in calls from members of the public looking to rehome from us in 2020 compared to 2019. 

“Owning a dog is an absolutely wonderful thing, but it's also a big responsibility. Before embarking on the exciting journey of welcoming a four-legged friend into your life, it's really important to think about what life is like now and what it will be like in the future.”

There are lots of pets in need of rehoming in and around Oxfordshire- could you be the perfect family to provide a loving forever home to one of these animals?


Herald Series:

Dazzling Diezel is looking to find his forever home.

This handsome husky is 10 years-old and has lots of love to give and is described as having the "sweetest nature". 

He will need to be rehomed with his sister Kaya as they have a very strong bond. He relies more heavily on humans than Kaya but once settled they can be left for around two hours. 

New owners will either need to have past experience with Huskies or thoroughly researched the breed, so they know what they are taking on. 

For more information visit Dogs Trust.


Herald Series:

This happy pooch is around two to five years old.

Chloe is a cross breed that loves to play with other dogs of similar sizes and enjoy walks but is a little nervous so needs to live and be walked in a quiet rural location.

This sweet girl is ideally looking for an adult only home with a large garden and another male dog of a similar age who can act as her guardian. 

For more visit Dogs Trust.


Herald Series:

Seven-month-old Sweetcorn is a bouncy boy from Burford who is looking for his forever hutch. 

Similarly to a lot of us, Sweetcorn doesn't like being on his own and needs a female rabbit in his new home that he can bond with.

He's a little nervous but does get used to people in time. He doesn't enjoy being handled but is happy to be around people - especially if you have treats. 

Find out more on the Blue Cross website.


Herald Series:

Beautiful Bubbles is a four year old Mini Lop rabbit that can live with all children, cats and dogs. 

He likes to be held for short periods of time and will move away himself when he's had enough. 

Like Sweetcorn he also needs a neutered female rabbit in his hutch as he hates to be alone.

Find out more on the website.


Herald Series:

Little Houdini is just one-month old and is looking for a new home with his three mice brothers Panda, Jerry and Tiny Tim. 

They love to explore and as a result have very specific needs - they will need a glass tank rather than a cage as they can fit through the bars - when they are older and bigger they will need a new cage with enough space to roam. 

Find out more on the website.